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    Fistula Surgery in Indore

    A tiny passageway known as an anal fistula (Bhagandar) forms close to the anus between the end of the colon and the skin. They frequently arise from an infection close to the anus that results in an abscess (a accumulation of pus in the adjacent tissue). A tiny tube may remain left once the pus drains. Anal fistulas can produce uncomfortable symptoms including soreness and skin irritability, and they typically don’t go away on their own. In most circumstances, surgery is advised.
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    An infected gland inside the anus is connected to an opening on the skin surrounding the anus by a tiny tunnel called an anal fistula. Pain and swelling around the anus are symptoms. Treatment options and diagnosis are covered.

    What are the symptoms of anal fistula?

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      What are the causes of anal fistulas?

      The majority of anal fistulas form following an anal abscess. When the pus has drained out, the abscess can develop them if it doesn’t heal properly.

      One in every two to four patients with an anal abscess is thought to develop a fistula.

      Anal fistulas might have less typical causes, such as:

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Visit Experienced Laser Proctologist or Surgeon if you have persistent symptoms of an anal fistula.
      Your fistula's full recovery will probably take several weeks to many months. Your fistula's size and the extent of your operation will determine this.
      Consult your doctor right away if you experience any fistula symptoms, including abdominal discomfort, discharge, a change in your bowel habits, or severe diarrhoea. An external fistula can be diagnosed quite easily because the doctor can see it.
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